Private Japanese Small Katana Forging Experience


Forge your very own Japanese kogatana (small blade) with an artisan swordsmith. Learn about the traditional blade-forging process, which uses the same materials and techniques as a full-size katana. At the end of the experience, take the beautiful product of your creation home with you.Meet your friendly and knowledgeable swordsmith at the forge, and begin your hands-on smithing lesson. Begin to work away at transforming raw metal into a delicate instrument of your design as the expert swordsmith guides the process with a steady hand.Pick up a wealth of knowledge on the traditional craft, including the precise nature of the materials and how the process scales up when producing a full-sized Japanese sword. In between sweaty forging sessions, marvel at the natural beauty of the Kameoka region, which has served as a filming site for many Japanese films. At the end of your artisan crafting session, take home your very own kogatana to cherish forever.

ツアー企画実績 (担当:近藤・二) ツアー催行はトラベル京都にて実施



Organic Farming Experience in Ōhara with Lunch


Venture into the countryside and pick up organic farming techniques during an immersive agricultural experience in Ōhara. See the farms where many of the city of Kyoto's famous chefs source their fruits and vegetables, and sample farm-fresh produce during a traditional Japanese-style lunch.Meet your friendly host in Ōhara, an idyllic town nestled in the mountains of northern Kyoto Prefecture. From here, head into the verdant landscape. After arriving at your host's organic farm, roll up your sleeves and get to work, tilling the earth and cultivating the colorful crops that will eventually adorn the dinnerware in some of urban Kyoto's trendiest restaurants.Under the tutelage of your host, sink your hands into the fertile soil and soak up strategies for organic farming to sample back home. Feel the gentle sunlight kissing your skin and drink in the fresh country air. Then, taste the fruits of your labor during a Japanese-style lunch at a private home in Ōhara. Receive a bushel of produce to carry back to the city of Kyoto at the end of your bucolic adventure.

ツアー企画実績 (担当:近藤・二) ツアー催行はトラベル京都にて実施



Kyoto-Style Irodori Sudare Bamboo Mat Making Experience

Try your hand at making sudare, traditional Japanese mats that are woven from bamboo and yarn. Visit one of the last sudare factories in Japan to learn the authentic craft from a professional, then make your own set of 2 as a unique take-home souvenir.Your lesson takes place at Kawasaki Sudare, one of the few remaining sudare factories left in Japan. Traditionally used as screens or blinds to shield homes from the elements, sudare mats can be fashioned into a variety of sizes, and are even found in kitchens for rolling sushi. Watch a demonstration from an expert on how to braid coloured yarn, which is then used to weave together bamboo slats into the desired shape.After the demonstration, pick your own colour of string and bamboo then get to work creating a pair of original tea mats. The sudare are easily rolled up, making them ideal for transport. Once your creations are finished, take time to admire your handiwork before concluding your tour, your one-of-a-kind souvenirs in hand.